victoria erickson

"Paradise has never been about places. It exists in moments. In connection. In flashes across time."

I fell in love with photography at 15. It's ability to freeze time, to capture moments and memories, and to remind me of exactly how I felt. I spent hours in high school shooting film, cultivating myself as an individual and artist,  and developing my prints in the dark room. It was my time to grow, reflect and express myself. 

Ok, so let's fast forward ten years (A husband, Masters Degree, and two babies later): My love affair with photography has grown exponentially. The moment my daughter was born I knew my life would never be the same. I picked up my camera, and haven't put it down since.

I want to capture your moments.I want to magnify the magic in the mundane. I want to help you create memories, that your children and grandchildren, for generations to come, will look back on with so much love in their eyes and joy in their hearts. 


marisa stone